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"Makeup enhances your natural beauty rather than distract from it"      
                               Tasia Sassalos               

Tasia can be reached at

503-985-8226 or Tasia@TasiaSassalos.com

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Tasia and I would love to help you with your photoshoot or any future projects.  Just call me! I'm old-fashioned that way.  

Makeup has always been a part of my life in one way or another.  I remember collecting my mother's and aunt's old makeup and spending hours morphing my face with the techniques in Kevyn Aucoin's books when I was supposed to be doing homework.  No matter how long I'm in the field, I will always seek out to continue my education and knowledge. 

The most influential education I've encountered is from Colour Box Makeup Studios.  Under Kerry Herta's guidance, I've received training for HD camera, print, beauty, hair styling, men's grooming, bald cap, silicone appliance application, pros aide transfers, tattoo transfers and hair laying.  My background with beauty and fashion combined with special effects brings out a different creativity and allows me to be a well-rounded artist; ready to help bring your vision to life.