Practically born with a tube of lipstick in her hand, makeup artist, Tasia Sassalos has an eye for bringing forth a woman's inner beauty to the outer world.  Tasia has a knack for creating classic, clean looks that are timeless for every woman at any time in her life.  

She has the most fun with the versatility of different makeup applications from beauty, to film, character, fashion, editorial, commercial, men's grooming and "breaking" rules with light special effects makeup and avant-garde. 

Passion, dedication and excitement are what fuel her success as a makeup artist.  She has assisted for celebrity makeup artists at New York Fashion Week and for international publications such as "Elle," "Marie Claire," "L'Officiel" and "Oh My God" magazine.   

Tasia is based in NYC and splits her time between her hometown, Portland, OR and NYC, where her creativity really flows. 

In her free time, she supports three charities and organizations that are near and dear to her heart: A.L.S.O (Adult Learning Systems of Oregon), H.A.L.O (Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach) and the Anat Baniel Method (Neuromovement for a vibrant life).  If you have a charity event related to autism, Tasia has many skills that may be useful for your organization (Besides looking pretty for the auction!).

It would be an honor to work with you and hear about your vision for your project or yourself. Let's get in touch!   





+1 555 555 5782